to the future.


The future has always belonged to those who dare to do things differently. Now, you can connect to a network that isn’t bound by legacy limitations. That means exceptionally fast, reliable cloud services, and true data security. With Zirro, you have the freedom to focus on what makes your business thrive, without worrying about time, stability, or cost.

We don’t do status quo, and now you don’t have to either. Welcome to Zirro.


In the information age, time is everything, and our innovative design gives you mathematically unmatched speed and direct access to the cloud. We’re technology agnostic – the only thing that matters is ensuring you the fastest connection possible.


Zirro is disrupting the industry and redrawing a path into a future of ultimate connectivity with absolutely zero stops. We connect your data to our network of carrier diverse, low-latency layer 1 paths across the Canadian cloud exchange, with direct private access to public clouds including Google, Oracle and Amazon.


Nothing is more important than keeping your information and your livelihood safe from data breaches. Your organization is powering business processes through the cloud and the most important tool you need is a secure connection. Zirro offers FIPS 140-2 certification for end-to-end, fully encrypted traffic during transport across the Canadian Cloud.

Ahead of the digital curve.



Our connections are faster.

We’ve side-stepped traditional ISPs by accessing a direct path to over 167 data centers world-wide, without the multiple “connections” that normally get made as data travels from point A to point B. Our unmatched speed means your cloud experience is as seamless and simple as you’ve always imagined it should be.


Our security is stronger.

Many businesses require hosting for cloud data within Canada. What you may not realize is that your data leaves the country, even while en-route to servers located in Canada. Our direct fiber pathway to and from internet exchanges means that your data never leaves Canada – and that means true and unmatched security.


Our ecosystem is better.

We’re technology agnostic and don’t have to consider the interests of any business except yours. This allows our team to recommend the best ISP, the best host, and the best overall solution for you.

Free your business.
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