Peering Policy

Zirro (AS395588) supports the exchange of IPv4 and IPv6 prefix information at select peering locations to provide regional transport to cloud services.

This policy is a guideline only. It is for settlement-free interconnection with Zirro (AS395588). It is not a legal contract for interconnection, warranty, or a guarantee that interconnection will take place in any scenario.

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Peering Information

ASN: 395588
Peering contact:
Technical contact:
MD5: Supported and required.

Peering Requirements

Zirro (AS395588) maintains and supports a generally open peering policy with peers meeting the requirements outlined below:

  • Peer must be present in or share a common Internet exchange point
  • Peer must maintain a publicly routable ASN
  • Peer should maintain an accurate entry or other public resource for maintaining peer information, ie locations, IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, maximum prefix announcements
  • Peer must NOT point a default or any static route to AS395588 for traffic that does not match an advertise prefix in BGP
  • Peer should not reset next hop information for AS395588
  • Zirro (AS395588) reserves the right to disable interconnection with a Peer at anytime for violating the above requirements or acting in or on behave of malicious activity
  • Zirro (AS395588) reserves the right to modify these policies at any time without notice.